Technology Application


Laser Nondestructive Scribing Technology


Nondestructive cutting, also known as thermal laser separation, uses local laser irradiation to produce uneven thermal effect, which generates an uneven temperature field in the heated area. The temperature gradient generated on the surface of the material induces thermal stress. Among them, the temperature of the laser spot is high, which is in compressive stress state, and the surrounding area of the laser spot is in a tensile stress state. Since the compressive rigidity of brittle materials is much greater than the tensile strength, when the tensile stress reaches the material's fracture strength, the material will crack along the laser's moving track.

Process Introduction

Process Introduction

Induction grooves of certain length are preset at both ends of the cell plate. Under the action of laser thermal effect, the crack expands along with the laser track, completing the splits at one time. DR Laser adopts patent design of innovative combined light path, which can be used to cut most cells such as HJT, PERC, Topcon, and IBC.