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DR Laser, founded in Wuhan in 2008, is a national intelligent photovoltaic pilot demonstration unit of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, an invisible champion cultivation enterprise in the pillar industry segment of Hubei Province, and a listed company on the GEM Board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. DR Laser currently has a global R&D center in Tel Aviv, Israel and a R&D and production base in Wuxi.

Since its establishment, DR Laser has successfully ranked among the Gazelle Company of National High-tech Zone, "Deloitte—China's Top 50 High-tech High-growth Enterprises", Hubei Province Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise, Wuhan Top 50 Private Manufacturing Enterprises in 2020, and Outstanding Innovative and Development Enterprises over past 30 years of Optics Valley, etc. The company's team has been selected for many times in the national "Ten Thousand Talents Plan", "Hundred Talents Plan", "Taihu Talent Plan", and "Yellow Crane Talent Plan" of Hubei Province, etc. National leaders such as Wan Gang, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, have visited the company.

DR Laser has been committed to the innovative application of laser technology in the high-efficiency solar cell photovoltaic industry, to improve the efficiency of solar cell power generation, and reduce the cost of solar photovoltaic power generation. It has successfully applied laser processing technology to PERC, MWT, TOPCON and other new high-efficiency solar cell and module technologies. Therefore, it is one of the few enterprises in the industry that can provide comprehensive solutions for laser processing of all high-efficiency solar cells. The company's high-efficiency solar cell PERC laser ablation equipment and SE laser doping equipment have been sold to Japan, South Korea, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Turkey, and many other countries and regions together with their leading original technology, occupying more than 80% market share of the global PERC high-efficiency solar laser equipment. It is an indispensable key laser technology provider in the global photovoltaic industry, and has made important contributions to the technological development and iterative innovation of high-efficiency solar cells. In 2019, the top 20 global photovoltaic module manufacturers are all using DR Laser's laser technology.

DR Laser is committed to providing advanced technologies for clean energy, and most of its customers are giants in the global photovoltaic industry, including Longi, Canadian Solar, Tongwei, Trina Solar, JinkoSolar, Aiko Solar, JA Solar, Hanwha Solarone, GCL System Integration, Suntech Power, Risen Energy, EGing PV and many other well-known photovoltaic enterprise groups at home and abroad.

In the next two to three years, under the guidance of national policies, DR Laser will strive to make self-breakthrough. Oriented by market demand, relying on the company's years of technical accumulation and experience in R & D, supply chain, sales, service, etc., the company will integrate the resources of Israel R & D center, give play to the joint role of Wuxi subsidiary in the Yangtze River Delta region, and further enrich and expand the technical strength and company scale. Through continuous technology and product innovation, it will improve product quality and rapid supply chain response capabilities, and implement product brand strategies. On the basis of consolidating the laser equipment market of high-efficiency solar cells, it will enrich and expand the product range to include consumer electronics, integrated circuits and other fields, and eventually develop into an enterprise with superior competitiveness and brand influence in the international market.

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