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Automatic Laser Dielectric Ablation

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Laser Dielectric Ablation(inline system)

    Laser Dielectric Ablation is an application of advanced metallization schemes in order to reduce shadow losses and series resistance losses and to improve the contact to the emitter.

    Spot size: 45-60um
    Wafer Size(mm): 156.5x156.5(6”) 、125x125(5”)
    Wafer thickness(μm): 150-220
    Breakage rate: < 0.2%
    CCD vision system for automatic alignment;
    Air extraction and filtering equipment.
    Auto loading & unloading system.
    High reliability resulting in high uptime.
    Stack or Cassette for option
    Designed for 24 hours, 7 days operation.
    Ease of operation.


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