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Automatic Laser Doping - PSG Screen Printing

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Laser Doping - PSG Screen Printing

     Ideal tool for research and development, process development, and pilot production applications.
    Selection of appropriate laser sources according to the application’s requirements.
    Easy adjustment for processing parameters including scribe velocity, laser repetition rate and average power.
    High throughput and yield at the speed of 12s/pc.
    Flexible tools with user friendly interface.
    Auto load and unload system (optional)

    Selective emitter uses two differently doped regions to form the emitter and contact region of a solar cell. The emitter diffusion is optimized for carrier collection and surface passivtion and a separate heavy diffusion is used in the localized region of the metal to form low resistance ohmic contacts.
    Laser doping machine is used to make selective heavy doping on the cell surface to get high cell efficiency.
    Laser doping uses laser to form heavily diffused region well below the contact fingers.
    The SiNx removal uses lasers to scribe through the surface dielectric to form a mask for the heavy phosphorous contact diffusion.

    Working area: 125mm x125mm/ 156mm×156mm
    Type: dual working station / Multi working station
    Productivity: 30MW
    Auto loading (optional)


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