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Automatic LFC (Laser Fired Contacts)

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LFC(Laser Fired Contacts)

    To get high efficiency c-Si Solar cells, reduction of surface recombination losses and good surface passivation and/or Bach Surface Field (BSF) formation are needed.

    LFC is a technique developed to form the point or line contact pattern of solar cells with dielectric rear passivation.

    High energy and short duration of the laser heating.
    High throughput and yield at the speed of 6s/pc.
    Flexible tools with user friendly interface
    Auto loading and uploading system (optional)


    Scanning speed: 10,000 contacts/s
    Contact Depth: 0.5-4μm
    Wafer Size: 125mm x 125 mm, 156mm x 156mm


For more details, please contact; 86-27-87922379.