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Automatic Laser Edge-Deletion

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Laser Edge-Deletion

    For electrical isolation and hermetic sealing of the module, the complete removal of all layers from the edges of fully processed thin film solar cells on glass substrates is required. And the laser edge deletion technology is a big challenge for the conventional techniques, like sand blasting and grinding.


    Resistance: > 1G(at1000V)
    X-Y axis liner motors
    Granite stage
    1064nm laser
    non-contact air bearing system
    Speed: 60S/pc


    Wavelength: 1064 mm
    Accuracy: ±20μm
    Spot Size: 650μm
    Repeating accuracy: ±10μm
    Speed : 10~15cm/s
    Power Supply: 380V / 40 A
    Light Beam: 1 Scanner
    Dimension: 4040*2140*1800mm
    Pass line: 1025 mm
    Weight: 6000 kg


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